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Meet Dr. Alex 

Connecting the Dots to Reveal the Ideal You. 

I get it. Life is challenging. 


I've struggled with anxiety and depression in my youth. 

I've suffered from digestive issues for most of my adult life. 

I've had to balance full-time work with school, family, and athletic training for nearly two decades. 

Over time, I learned how to overcome these challenges by rigorously applying the foundations of health and researching novel ways to apply the principles of modern evidence-based medicine combined with traditional natural medicine.

My experiences inform my approach to evidence-based natural medicine.

Let's work together to solve your health concerns. 

I will listen. 

I will observe. 

I will test. 

And then we will develop a realistic and comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve your health and performance goals. 

Let's discover the strongest version of yourself. 

Let's make you a resilient human. 

Dr. Alex Keller, BHSc, ND, CISSN

Naturopathic Doctor

Ontario Licence #2920


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Please note: I am not currently accepting new patients but hope to resume in late 2021.


Areas of Focus

Let's work together... 



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Please note: I am not currently accepting new patients, but hope to resume in late 2021.

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