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Evidence-Based Natural Medicine for Modern Day Resilience
Meet Dr. Alex

Photo Credit: Mike Drummond

Meet Dr. Alex 

Supporting your resilience. 

The modern world is complicated.

We are perpetually hammered with challenges and stimulants that tax our health. 
From work-life balance to gloomy news, pandemics, and those non-stop notifications … it just keeps coming. 

And yet, we persist. But do we thrive? 

Having worked in a high-paced, competitive corporate atmosphere, I understand what it means to juggle a million balls at once. I also know what it feels like when the balls start to drop. 

I believe it’s possible to find a better balance … and that most of us know how to find that. 
Sometimes, we just need a guide to help us get there. 

My passion is guiding people back to that balance, with a particular focus in addressing stress, low energy, mood disorders, and athletic performance. 

Mental wellness. 
Robust digestion. 
Hormonal balance. 

It’s all possible, even in a high-paced world.

The key is determining the root of the imbalance and addressing that effectively. 


As a naturopathic doctor with foundational training in psychology and additional training in functional medicine, I will help you find that root cause. 

If this sounds like the kind of support you'd like on your journey, let’s work together. 


I look forward to serving as your guide. 

Dr. Alex 


Click here for my professional story if you'd like to know more.

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

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